Judith Eichler Weber's Books

For pictures of the books, please look at the photo gallery. The album is called "My Books".

 You can purchase these books at museums, on iTunes (only "Seeking Safety"), and www.amazon.com (only "Seeking Safety" and "Forbidden Friendship). "Forbidden Friendship" and "Seeking Safety" can be ordered directly from me on this website. 


"Lights, Camera, Cats!"-This was my first novel. It's about Elizabeth, a young girl who loves cats. She gets her cat into a TV commercial. It's a book that will make you laugh! By the way, move your mouse on top of the cat. You will have a surprise!


 "I Dedicate This Song To You"-This is a great book for young adults. It's about a teenage band and young love. When I wrote it, my two sons, Dan and Jeff, were in their own rock band. They gave me plenty of great ideas!

 I wrote two books that were part of the Cheerleaders series. They are called "Dating" and "Changing Loves". As you could tell by the titles, they are both about love and cheerleaders. I was never a cheerleeder so I had to do a load of research! It was interesting and fun!

"Forbidden Friendship"-This was my first historical novel for Silver Moon Press. It is about the relationship between the daughter of a factory worker and one of the young Chinese immigrants brought to North Adams, Massachusetts in l870 to break a strike in a shoe factory.

"Melting Pots"-This book is filled with many family short stories focusing on food. There are also yummy recipes in the back that go with each story! It is perfect for children four to eight years of age. "Melting Pots" was honored as an outstanding book for teaching English as a second language.

"Seeking Safety"-This is my newest historical novel. It is about refugees during World War II who came to America. The characters were confined to Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York. The story is told by ten year old Lillian, a refugee from Yugoslavia.